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Welcome to Total Float, your ultimate destination for planning, scheduling, project management, and event mastery. We are a dynamic business catering to clients in Germany and the Middle East.

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With 15+ years of experience, Total Float brings unmatched expertise to every project and event.


Total Float’s mission is to turn your visions into reality by providing strategic guidance and unwavering support. We excel in planning, scheduling, project management, and event management, going beyond the ordinary to achieve extraordinary results.


We envision transforming your dreams into extraordinary realities. We push the boundaries to go above and beyond. With meticulous precision and flawless execution, our goal is to leave a lasting impact on your projects and events. We strive to be the driving force behind your success, offering unlimited support and strategic guidance. Let’s begin a journey to turn your vision into an inspiring reality.

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When you choose Total Float, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to your success. Experience the difference and let us elevate your projects and events to new heights.


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